Submit Your Fire Light Story!

Our hope is to showcase your beautiful story from the Fire Light Encampment on this website! Please read the guidelines below, it’ll make this work a whole lot better! We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

What type of story should I submit? Below are some ideas & prompts:

  1. What brought you to the Fire Light Encampment? What did you learn while you were there? How did the Fire Light Encampment change your life?
  2. What does “We Are All Treaty People” mean to you? What does it mean to be a good “Treaty Partner?”
  3. Is there a meaningful short story, or an experience that really impacted you during the ceremonial encampment on Mississippi?
  4. What was your experience with the ecology of Mississippi & the surrounding wetland? What did you witness? What did it sound like, smell like, feel like?
  5. Is there a poem you wrote during or after the encampment you’d want to share? Was there a piece of artwork you drew during or after? A song?

Submission Guidelines:

  1. We’re hoping to keep submissions shorter than 2500 words. Submissions can be text only, text + image, image-only, or an audio file. We are not accepting video, but if you have a video published somewhere online that is embeddable we can try to work with that!
  2. Submissions will be published anonymously to this website. Please don’t include any names in what you write or submit! If individual people are identifiable in any photo you submit, we will most likely not be able to publish it. By submitting a piece of artwork or image, it will not be credited to you but you reserve all the rights to the piece but are consenting to it being published on the website.
  3. The folks curating this reserve the right to make SUBTLE changes to what you submit. Although we can’t guarantee to catch things like typos, if they are obvious we’ll try to fix them. If a name is submitted in your story against the guidelines but everything else you submit is publishable, we’ll anonymize that name. If your submission includes something incriminating, we reserve the right to omit that component and/or not publish the submission.
  4. Language: We’re strongly encouraging you to refer to Mississippi River without the “the” – ex: We camped on Mississippi River (as opposed to: We Camped on the Mississippi River). Also, capitalizing words such as “Water” and “Elder” are welcomed!
  5. Once you submit a story via the form, the curators of this will have no way to contact you or respond in any way! Please know this! Double check everything before you hit submit 🙂

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