The video above is the recording from the “Treaty Partnership for the Win: Post-Dismissal Press Conference & Dialogue” held via zoom on May 9th, 2023. The webinar was held in-lieu of the jury trial after charges against all defendants were dismissed.


Throughout the webinar above links and calls to action were dropped into the chat! Those links are available below:

Intro Music Video – “Let the Wave” by former defendant Sam Cooper

Youtube Link:


Nancy Beaulieu & the 1855 Treaty Encampment

Charges Dismissed from the Native Fire Light Cases

Press Release:

Press Conference Recording:

Supporting the Mikinaako-Ziibi Sugarbush Camp / 1855 Treaty Encampment 

Map Pin Location:

Financial Support:


Poem Shared on behalf of former defendant Emma Schoenberg – “A Thousand Years of Healing” by Susa Silvermarie


Wadookaawaad Amikwag (Those Who Help Beaver)

Youtube video played during webinar:

Website (Recently Launched!) –

Watch/Subscribe on Youtube –



“Walker Brook shows we still don’t know the extent of Enbridge Line 3’s construction damage” 

An article by former defendant Scott Russell, who is also a devoted author/journalist/historian of the movement via his Healing MN Stories blog:


Joe Lagarde & the Niibi Center

A couple links & resources about active work the Niibi Center is working on, including the upcoming Anishinaabe Law Conference:

Wild Rice Specialty Crop Act Call to Action:


Line 5 Resources & Calls to Action

A One-Pager Doc with Line 5 Related Facts & Some Calls to Action!

Everyone is invited to MI over Labor Day weekend! (Sept. 01-04). Join us for Michigan’s annual Water Is Life festival on Sat. Sept. 02. It will be in Petoskey, MI overlooking the bay this year instead of Mackinaw. The annual “pipe out paddle out” will happen nearby on Sat. morning, followed by the fest, which will run from 12 pm until sunset.  Please help spread the word about the Water Is Life Festival in MI via FB.

Line 5 folks are currently fundraising for the festival. Please contact Jannan Cornstalk via the website if you know of an org., business or individual interested in donating:

Please also join us at the annual Mackinac bridge walk in MI on Monday, Sept. 04! There will be an art build to prep for the bridge walk on Sunday, Sept. 03, too.


Stop Cop City

Support & Call to Action Links via Jaike!

For Media/Press:

Defendants can be contacted directly via email to FireLightTreatyCase(@)

Attorney Claire Glenn can be contacted via email to Claire(@)

Attorney Kira Kelley can be contacted via email to Kira(@)


Read the Full “Charges Dismissed” Press Release here: